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09-04-2012, 06:51 PM
As pointed out, there are situations where this ship can be used. The closest analogy I have is the assault gun in WWII. Its original purpose was to be an armored engineer vehicle, advancing with the infantry and taking on pillboxes and other fortified positions. It had a large caliber cannon, but a very limited traverse. Over time, with the lack of sufficient true tanks, it was pushed into the anti-tank role, but still did it from hide positions, long-range fire and other means of maximizing its function. If the enemy tank closed to a close position, the AG would inevitably lose the resulting fight as the tank had a turret capable of 360 degree fire while the AG couldn't get the gun to bear.

The Guramba is very close to that concept - designed to be a siege ship, a cunning Captain CAN find other uses - but will have to overcome the fact it is NOT the best tool for the job.