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09-04-2012, 09:33 PM
Originally Posted by daiouvegeta2 View Post
One thing that bothers me though about this that someone stated earlier.

APD even moved to the ensign slot would be troublesome. The reason is because of the low tactical slots of cruisers in the first place. TT1 and FAW is only available to the SC and Galaxy for example. Would you give up either of those for an aggro buff?
The SC and Galaxy are better set up as healers, than tanks, in my opinion (the SC has some better options).

Even if APD wasn't moved to Ensign, they'd still need to give up one of those - but they'd need to give up a Lt power instead of an Ensign Power.

Originally Posted by daiouvegeta2 View Post
Before anyone comes out and says "Just use a different ship with more tactical slots" one will need to remember, that not everybody plays the same way and many are very happy with the ships that they have.
If they're happy now, and don't want or use APD now then what would change for them?

They could keep on playing as they are now, and ignore APD just like they probably do now.

Originally Posted by velktra
I use APD on my escort. It's good for dealing with mobs. I don't necessarily want threat generation added to it though; I have no points in threat control but I still generate more threat than my team in most cases. Any more and I doubt I'd survive long enough for the ability to be of any use.
Outside of PvP, which this change would not affect, there are really very very few reasons to ever use APD instead of APB on an Escort (or any ship, for that matter).

APD grants some resistance, but its also on a longer cooldown (45s) and if there are no enemies firing on you then there are no debuffs applied to your targets.

Unlike APB (30s cooldown), which gets applied to the target just by firing at them.

So to recap:

1) Resistance with no one shooting you is wasted.
2) A debuff that is only applied when a target is shooting you is wasted when no one is shooting you.
3) If you want mitigation, you're probably better off with Attack Pattern Omega which grants damage, speed, turn, immunity to movement debuffs, immunity to disable debuffs, +defense and +resistance. It's also on a 45s cooldown.