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You can get the Weapon requisition for MACO or Omega Force weapons from The Cure Ground on either normal (recruit/Veteran) or Elite (Elite), but it a random drop...


You can grind 20 stfs for mk X( 20 EDCs), 40 stfs for mk 11 (40 EDCs) and 60 for mk 12 (60 EDCs)

^^ Long, but guaranteed, plus you get HEAPS of dilithium (480 per stf run, i normally run space due to how fast they can get done....and by the time i finish the 3rd one the 1st one is normally finishing up its cooldown) lol...unfortunately im only at 14 EDCs so far....and im going for at least mk 11 omega force armour, gun and/or shields....but ill start from mk 10 and test it out on Tribble to see if its worth going all that way.....a full mk 12 ground stf set is 180 EDCs,

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