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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
You mean Dual Beam bank here, right?

Why both a DBB and a quantum? Shouldn't either of the two suffice for "finish off" spike damage, allowing you to be more aggressive with your main weaponry, the DHC's?
Yes, Dual Beam Bank. I'm using the beam bank + overload along with rapid fire to take their shields down quick and then using the quantums with high yield and KHG bonus for the hull smashing. If I time it right they won't have time to react before the torpedoes hit. With the 3 DHC's it gave them a longer time to use shield buffs before their shields completely failed on one facing. With the DBB + Quantum it doesn't seem to be as good for sustained damage, but the spike damage seems better. I started off with a Phased Tetryon DBB with [ACC]x2, but the overload shot seemed to miss a lot so I got a regular Tetryon with [ACC]x3, which helped some, but I still had a lot of misses, which is why I added the tractor beam.

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