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09-05-2012, 01:55 AM
Your random screenshots prove nothing except the invalidity of your claims.

In the first SS, we see you have five exploration missions running, it looks like most of them from the Sirius block. We also see you have CAWC, Asylum on Betazed, and Caitian Flight Training Program, picked up in T'Ong. Caitian Flight Training Program is a 20 hour mission with 11h 13m remaining.

From this first SS we can make several deductions:

1. Your claims are invalid because you just started those exploration missions, but also have a Caitian Flight Training Program that you started earlier that day, therefore contrary to your claims you are logging in more than once per day.
2. Your claims are invalid because the supply of high CXP doff missions you are encountering is insufficient to fill your log, proof being you queued CAWC which is a poor yield mission because it takes two days to complete, has only two slots and its crit rate caps at about 25% (and no the high crit modifier does not make up for this).

The second SS further disproves your claims. It shows you have queued Purchase Prototype, another 20h assignment, approximately three hours before you queued Caitian Flight Training, and six hours before the time the SS was taken.

From this second SS we may make two additional deductions:

1. You are logging in not once nor twice but at least three times a day
2. You are queueing poor choices of assignments - checking the XC I see heavy antiproton turrets are currently running 20k a stack, and plans are running 15k ea. Thus the Purchase Prototype assignment is not only a poor choice from the standpoint of CXP but it is in fact a net loss in EC as well.

The third SS shows two more 20 hour assignments, queued about 1h35 and 2h before the others. Amongst these is Recover Jem'Hadar Cache and Grant Sanctuary.

From this third SS we may make two additional deductions:
1. You are logging in at least four times a day
2. You are, again, queueing poor choices of assignments: Grant Sanctuary has poor CXP yield and it usually crits out white doffs so it is not a good choice on the basis of EC either.

In conclusion:
1. Your claims are invalid because you play way, way more than the 15m/day you claim
2. Your claims are invalid because you are apparently unable to find and/or choose good high-yield assignments
3. Your claims are invalid because your overall nominal yield is far below the 20k CXP/day you claim you claim to achieve

Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
I made a small mistake. Actually, with purple doffs only, the CXP on crit on the artifact missions is 4.5k for an uncommon one. I leave the rest to your fertile imaginations. 20k CXP a day was a very low and conservative guess.
That "guess" as to your overall yield is not substantiated by any data you have provided, indeed it is contradicted by what you have linked. Curiously you provide random SSes of this and that but not of this claim you have about the artifact mission (which is unique and therefore irrelevant to your overall point).

Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
I'm sick if stating the obvious in this thread. Why are you bickering me if you don't even know how the game work?
Stop insulting other posters.

Is the mod going to do anything about it? We'll see.

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