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Originally Posted by logicalspock View Post
Cryptic raised the price to 1600 CP when it released F2P, but they were 1200 CP before that.
Ahh, right you are. Still, everything else about the cloakless Defiant fits the Refit/original. The Retrofit has always had the cloak and 3 tac slots, regardless of how you got it.

Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
The only way anyone can "prove" to anyone here that they purchased a Galaxy R, Defiant R, or Intrepid R is if they have a character which has 2 of them in their shipyard inventory. So if you have a character with a Galaxy R and Defiant R, or Galaxy R and Intrepid R, or Defiant R and Intrepid R in your shipyard post us a pic - and then send that pic to Cryptic as proof as well.

Otherwise the odds are just really good that you used your VA token to get one of them for free prior to FTP. VA tokens stopped being used back on January 17th but for nearly 2 years prior to that they were used by every character making it to VA. It's a very simple thing to forget about something you did a year or more ago.
Unfortunately, that's not really proof either. You could have all three on three separate characters without paying Cryptic a dime, if you were willing to spend all that time grinding the Emblems required to earn another VA ship. Though I'd expect people would remember all that time they spent playing, they might have forgotten why, or what they spent it on.