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09-05-2012, 02:51 AM
A variation of "The Nero Maneuver". It's more a special attack though... and probably more boring than all the previously named attacks.

The Kusanagi Special Attack Maneuver

The Artimage Escort Carrier

Cannon Point Defense
Torpedo Point Defense
Torpedo Launcher that supports the Spread ability
Cannons and Turrets

Bridge Officer Abilities:
Cannon Scatter Volley
Torpedo Spread
Any ability that improves your defense
Any ability that gives you a speed boost

1. Launch your fighters. Set them to neutral.
2. Find a large group of enemies.
3. Target the enemy furthest from you.
4. Fly towards the enemy group.
5. Command your fighters to escort you and activate your defenses.
5. Right before you go into the enemy group, fire off both point defense systems, Cannon Scatter Volley and Torpedo Spread.
6. Once all your attacks have been launched, speed away. If you have teammates, they'll appreciate you softening up the opposition...

I bet all of you have used this at one time or another...