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09-05-2012, 06:31 AM
Until the Dev blog happens that states the Leech is going in a Lock Box or a Dev states in a public forum that they are going to put the Leech in the next Lock Box, it is probablly best to not over react, continue to show our grievance over the idea that it may happen and continue to try to enjoy shooting feds.

If it happens, it happens. We where told when the first consoles came into the game that they would eventually be made availible to both factions.
It may well be the death blow to the KDF since the KDf is so small and under developed as to have little to hold players beyond loyalty and fandom.

Cryptic and PWE have already shown they will pimp what ever they think will make people spend money.
In this I blaim PWE more than Cryptic, as PWE has the experience in pimping impulse items to make quick cash.

In the meantime, kill feds and continue to let Cryptic and PWE know that the KDF needs its growth and to stop having its uniqueness sold off for quick cash.
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