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Originally Posted by nicha0 View Post
I've got fleet gear and set gear, the fleet gear might have better numbers but doesn't hold anything up to the massive dodge bonus the omega set gives you, marginally better shields compared to 100+ dodge? No thanks. Even the maco shield set gives you a shield heal and will out perform the basic fleet gear.

It doesn't take a month on Defera to get a Fractal remodulator... My entire bridge crew has them. The fractal remodulator feels much faster than the standard, but once you go to the set one you won't want to go back.
Ha, quite laughable. Fleet has bigger variety in setups while Maco and Omega is stuck with one type set up. My Shield has quicker recharge than MACO or Omega, and better resistance to plasma weapons. My body armor has better resistance to rooting and holds than the STF stuff, it heals hit points faster. You obviously have to pick the right setup that gets the job done but its its more affective than the old STF stuff. My weapon is more effective against the Borg, plus it helps to have the Tholian DOFF that helps ground damage against the Borg. With a slow modulator I have to shoot, run, and hide to wait for reset, because I'm usually the last guy living after the Elite Tac Drone killed everybody on my team.