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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
One real downside is that the Universal Consoles of the feds are more defensive while ours are more offensive and when the two are swapped the trade seems less than amazing for us.
Unless we get specific consoles that are the few fed offensive ones.

Secondly is the fact that the KDF consoles are not going to be balanced for use with any of the feds non-console, special equipment (like the MACO set or Ablative armor, etc) and they may become to powerful in certain combo's.

The possibility that it will take a while to see such balanced out (and possibly ruining the consoles in question for KDF use since we can not field the fed combo's) and such balance may not happen at all, is my worst fear.

All we can really do is continue our fight for KDF completion and hope that we, as KDF players, have the mettle to survive the changes ahead.
If PWE/Cryptic kills the faction after all our efforts then the blaim lies on thier heads for f'ing up a good game to pander to one side of the fanbase. It will come back to haunt them and like SWgalaxies they will eventually die. Frankly its what I see happening if the STO course remains as it is and only pursues profit by microtransaction without gicing gaming substance.

I would rather not see that happen. I would rather PWE/Cryptic puts forth the resources to finish the KDF to completion, inserts the RSE into STO as its own faction and develops a storyline for all factions to participate in so STO grows in both scope and detail to be a firm entity of MMO sci-fi gaming.
Thats why i say to give them bio neutral warhead and they give us something defensive in return.

Thats a fair trade that WONT break down balance of the game and factions.

But if plasma leech is shared with feds it def a very bad idea for the game balance(MACO+LEECH=OP) and also it will have an impact to the faction playerbase itself since KDF wont be competitive and worth playing for something unique that is actually worth buying and using ONLY if one faction has it because if both have it, it wont be giving any energy back but if both factions got maco shields energy will still be +10 all across the board.

So thats why plasma leech must remain to KDF side and MACO shields on remain on FED side along with all the new OP ships and pets you gave them and with the OP sci ships they always had!!!

And if they got 2 many defensive consoles and we got more offensive then we can trade bio neutral warhead for something defensive without destroying game balance and KDF faction.

Besides bio neutral warhead is a very very nice mod i have and use myself at my brel torp build and i am telling you its awesome both for pvp and pve and i bet that feds will be very happy with it also.

Now i will calm down ONLY because Roach said it!
And follow hes advice to go kill some feds in order to calm down