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The current fleet version of this ship is barely adequate to be called an improvement of the tier 3 advanced research vessel.

To have the current fleet version be the upgrade to the tier 5 ship is outright insulting.

The BOFF layout is woefully obsolete. The minimum shield bonus it receives does not compensate whatsoever for the poor boff layout. Nor does an extra engineering console (in a science ship? what in the world??)

My suggestion:

Re-label the current fleet nebula to BE the tier 3 upgrade: Fleet Advanced Research Vessel.

For this fleet version, make the smaller stations universal.That way its not much better than the cstore tier 5 nebula (and it shouldnt be as it is a tier 3 upgrade) but it is more flexible.

So, boff station would be:

Lt Tactical
Cmdr Science
Lt Cmdr Engineering
Lt Universal
Ensign Universal

+10% hull
+10% shield
+1 engineering console

New ship: Fleet Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit

The Nebula in the era that STO takes place has replaced the Miranda frigate as the workhorse, multipurpose ship of the fleet. For that purpose, the Fleet upgrade efforts have changed this vessel to fulfill that role.

Changes from the c-store tier 5 version:

+20% shields
+1 tactical console

Boff Layout:

Cmdr Science
Lt Cmdr Universal
Lt Cmdr Engineering
Lt Tactical

+10 AUX power
+5 shield power

This makes this ship capable of filling in for almost any role. Its consoles are now equal 3/3/3, instead of a 10% to shields and hull it receives +20% shield bonus. The boff layout allow an incredibly flexible ship setup with main focus on science yet still capable of adapting to support role in different scenarios. The Lt Universal and Ensign Science stations have been replaced with a LT Cmdr Universal station. The ship may lose one station slot total but it gains access to LT cmdr ability of any boff type and that is well worth it.

Power levels provide bonus to aux and shield not just the original +15 to AUX.

Finally... please please please change the nebula tier 3 and tier 5 consoles to something that works. Sensor stat has been broken for years and lets admit it, you guys are not going to fix it anytime soon. Besides, pvp cloak detect with these consoles is pointless and in PVE it just doesnt work (vs donatra) anyway.

So why not instead just change those consoles to something that benefits the nebulas in their role?

Tier 3 console: +40 Countermeasure and +40 Sensor boost for 1 minute.
Tier 5 console: +60 subspace decompiler for 1 minute.

re-use timer on both is 1.5 minutes.

The bonuses are high however they are for stats which are highly sci specialized and which have tremendous drawbacks. Countermeasure like jam and scramble stop working after target takes damage from any source (not the player that tagged them) and sensor boost in a way tries to help with stealth detection and improves sensor scan. Subspace decompiler is critical for support ships and this would be the only item besides deflector array that boosts the stat. Hence the nebula would be a very nice support ship if it was the one with access to a well boosted subspace decompiler skill.

Final request: If we own the cstore venture class can we please have the saucer section options for the nebula as well? There is no reason why it shouldn't since the nebula uses the Galaxy class saucer.

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