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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
This isn't true. Join a good fleet, make some friends there, socialize, and you'll play kdf whatever ship or costume option you have. The STFs/pvp/nukara&defera missions are the same on both side, so basically it may not change your game.

And TBH it will be difficult to give me a more interesting costume option than the HG Mk XII set. This one is amazing.
But besides that we gotta keep some tactical tricks in order to be competitive against federation both at pvp and pve

Also play KDF for being a badass klingon and not a explorer federation not rly for the fleet and friends since on any faction i play i make friends.

Its more of a matter of RP tastes.

But no matter how some1 like a ship design or RPing with klingon funny characters and have some nice fun he wont be playing KDF is federation is much more superior than us.

Thats why feds can keep their maco shields and tractor pets and OP ships and tetrylized tetryons and OP sci ships they always had and we must keep our leech console unique!

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