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Devs, play that mission, or just load the last part, where there's supposed to a fight betwixt the federation fleet and the romulan fleet...

it wasn't a fight, it was a slaughter in 30 seconds. feds wiped the entire fleet. how? repulsors.

submitted a bug report weeks ago about them and it's the same problem with iso charges...or rather YOUR problem of utter laziness of sticking them on every ship of a type instead of creating a new type. SB24 iso charges can wipe the entire party. klingon fleet defense the repulsors can wipe everyone, especially getting ping ponged between 2 typhoons.

soo...typhoon is actually a sci ship right? considering the excessive amount of damage the repulsors do has to be around rank 3?

meh, you should have never just dumped the skills on without taking into account multiple copies of the ship with it and it's effect.

i cite preemptive strike as the most noticeable, and easily repeatable by you to see what your wisdom hath wrought. it did make that last bit ridiculously easy though...romulan fleet + flagship? pffft meet the uber feds and loldie.