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Originally Posted by aestu View Post
The quote you linked proves otherwise.

You haven't posted anything else in this thread. Why come in now with an antagonistic remark?

That quote from you isn't proof of anything. It's you making a claim, a BIG claim and the evidence you attempted to provide isn't enough to back up your claim. Most of your post was quibbling about minor details that are nearly irrelevent.

diogene0 presented 2 statements that formed the core of his argument.
The first is that, yes, you CAN get 10k or more Cxp in 1 day of doffing.
The second is that it doesn't take a lot of time to queue missions to do this.

None of your arguments refuted either of those 2 main points. You simply quibbled about HOW to go about it.

And for further proof that it's possible:

one of my characters did those 8 assignments in the same day, and no, I wasn't logged on very long as that char. I spent too much time cycling through 9 chars for that.

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