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09-05-2012, 11:13 AM
Generating threat / drawing fire is part of tanking, whereby one player who's set up to soak up a lot of damage with either heals and resists attempts to draw enemy aggro onto themlseves whilst players who are not set up to heal/resist can go about their business with less aggro.

I've never tried playing with the Draw Fire power a lot, but my instinct is that all players in the group being equal, it's not a good power for Tactical Officers, even though it appears on their kits and no one else's. You get a damage resist from it, and you get Overwatch on the Security Protocol kit which is another damage resist, but generally Medic Scis and Equipment Diagnostics Engineers are going to be able to soak up damage better. Now if you had an organised group, you could have a Tac running Security Protocol use Draw Fire on one of them (you can target allies) so they'll get the aggro and be able to handle it.

If you have a group whereby the best equipped/most able player is a Tac, and they'll survive the longest anyway, it might be worth using.

You could just use it for the damage resist in solo play because you'll probably draw more fire than your BOffs even without it.

Personally, I think Squad Leader and Fire Team (neither of which have Draw Fire) are better kits than Security Protocol anyway.

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