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Originally Posted by eradicator84 View Post
Tractor Repulsors 3 can deal some hefty damage in and of them self (1200-1400 direct hull dmg per pulse and thats not fully specced), in a sci ship that's some valuable dps.

I've recently been getting into crowd control type builds on my ships with high sci abilities. Used well it is quite effective and often a pug saver. It's useful in all fleet events and often useful in STFs.

When using it I tend to have already bunched up my targets with GW1, then I can angle my ship so the direction they get shoved off into (once GW has dissipated) is helpful or non detrimental to the rest of the team.

If there's a bunch of targets in a grav well or plasma cloud I hold off on firing it until the localised AoE effects have worn away. Things like torp spread and CSV are very hard to take into account, often those are firing off so frequently I don't think it's much of an issue when TBR is used, unless they're close enough to warp breach damage each other there shouldn't be too much of an issue.

If used respectfully it's as worthy a skill as Grav Well. The trick is how and when to use it. Also one of the few sci abilities that still works well.

And when players use TBR without thinking/consideration of the other players who have lined up shots , and push targets out of arc/range 1,200-1,4000 per pulse is next to useless. TBR users need to know the better moments to use the ability.