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09-05-2012, 02:20 PM
i use an mvae build based off the one in this post crossed with the one in this one:

right now for my front i have:
1 quad cannon
1 HDC anti-proton
1 dual anti proton
1 quantum

3 anti-proton turrets

maco shields
borg engine
bord deflector
subspace field modulator
subspace jumper
emergency force fields
assimilated console
enhanced plasma manifold
point defense system
impulse compacitance cell
trans warp computer
defense turret

tac commander : tac team 1, attack pattern beta 1, torp spread 3, cannon scatter volly 3
tac lt: high yeild torp 1, cannon rapid fire 1
tac ensign: torp spread 1
eng lt: emergency power to shields 1, reverse shield polarity 1
science lt-commander: transfer power to shields 1, hazard emmiters 2, photonic officeers 2

i dropped the polarized hull as most tractor beams were used on me while i was already facing them and i found the impulse burst and evasive maneuvers could get me out of most bad situations that involved them. the photonic officer reduces my cool down on abilities.

I've not tried adding a second torp launcher yet but now that i've read about it may give it a go here and see what happens.

also input/critique would be welcomed