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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
the fleet ships should have been the ships we have always had, some at tier 5 for the first time, just with more interesting station setups that weren't intended to be better then any non fleet ship. and they all should have cost a single ship token
I don't know that I'd say a single ship module for all of them, but I will agree that I find it damn tough to justify spending the equivalent of $20 just to drag a tier 2/3 ship up to near-tier 5 specs. I'll very likely be bumping my Defiant, because it will only cost me the one. But my 'Old Fleet' escort isn't getting an extra $20 console slot, and my Sci toon's RSV is probably not getting an extra $20 Tac console slot.

Why even have shipyard tiers if everything costs the same? There's a tiered shipyard, there ought to be tiered pricing, as well. The ships that don't require modules all cost $200,000 FC. The ones that do all cost 4 modules and $200,000 FC, with the only discount given if you've already paid them $20 for a 5+1 VA ship. And they are all per-character unlocks.

Not exactly tempting me to spend money here, PWE. Some cities have a Dollar Store. You apparently have a $20 Store. I'd appreciate it at this point if you stopped using the term 'micro transaction' in any of your official literature, since you've apparently been rolling in the Benjamins so long that you've forgotten what it means.