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09-05-2012, 10:38 PM
Bio Neural Warhead...I don't recall a Klingon ship in the Delta stealing it. Yet they have them.
I do not think I've ever seen a Klingon fighter. Seen Fed ones, yet some Demanded the Feds never get a Carrier. It's a staple of Klingon.........Since when??

Targeting sub systems. Feds do it all the time. When a Klingon was ordered to target engines, he blew up the ship. A lucky shot. I do not recall them ever extending shields. When did one ever use a tricorder? So I guess they shouldn't have any of those as they are FED staples.

Get it yet?

The SMALL GROUP of you that are stomping your foot and Demanding to be given more balls while refusing to share the ones you have. Really? You expect the Annoying lock boxes to have a Klingon only Console pack now? That's right up there with Demanding a True science vessel, just with more hull points, 4 forward and aft weapons, and not limited to only beam weapons. Want Six Universal Commander stations while you're at it? Shesh.

Focus on making sure the consoles trades are fair. Not on gimme gimme. Getting more players to support a FULL Klingon faction. Not this horse pucky they are passing off now. Some of this All for us, none for them, or us against them mentality I read turns me off from wanting to even use my Klingon. (Yes, even more then the poor state of affairs the faction is STILL in)