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# 1 The PVP Engineer Escort
09-05-2012, 09:54 PM
In the recently trending thread Tactical Captain Buffs and Sci Powers there's been a few interesting comments regarding the humble PVP Engineer. The basic comments boil down to the underwhelming performance of Engineer Captains when stood next to their Science and Tactical kin.

As a player who plays an Engineer Captain as his main this has disturbed me, and I was wondering are Engineer Escort builds viable in a PVP setting or is their only real place behind a cruiser/science vessel throwing out heals, phaser procs and/or spam?

Speaking from an optimised perspective we all know the answer is, generally, the later. But if we had to, were forced to, how would we make an Engineer Escort work?

Here's my attempt, your feedback, alternative builds and advice would certainly be appreciated.

I'm using the Fleet Tactica Escort Retro, it comes with a 5th tactical console with which I'm trying to eek out as much damage potential as possible. Also with the shield remodulation and emergency heal that come as the Engineers unique abilities we should be able to cope with this more fragile escort.

Those not interested in the link above here's the BOF layout:

Comm Tac: TT1, CSV1, APO1, CRF3
Lt Com Tac: TT1, APB1, APO1
Ens Tac: IwishIwasDead
Lt Eng: EPS1, EPS2
Lt Sci: PH1, HE2

DOF Setup:
Energy Wep. Reduce cooldown of canon special attacks.
Conx2. Reduce cooldown of evasives.
Shield Distro. Shield heal on brace for impact.

Ship layout:
Fore Weapons: 4xDHC
Rear Weapons: 3xTurrets
Disruptors to help the real damage dealers (as well as yourself).

Deflector: Borg
Impluse: Borg
Shield: M.A.C.O

Tac Consoles: 5xDisruptor+
Eng Consoles: Neutronium, Borg, Theta
Sci Consoles: Field Genx2

For a more aggressive setup (for instance in a premade where you have a trusted healer) you could swap the borg deflector and engine with the omega to get the glider happening.