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This idea is not new.

It took them forever to actually get around to the "Give Caitians Hair" item on their priorities list, and truly I suspect the only reason they did was because of the plan to unveil playable Ferasans for the KDF and were going to be working in those assets then anyway. We aren't talking weeks or months of complaint from players--both with Caitian characters and without--or months, but over a year plus before they actually got around to adding the current clip-and-tied options.

When asked why Caitians cannot have more M'Ress-like tresses of hair, perhaps imported from Champs (with a screenshot of someone's Champs Online character with vaguely M'ress-like falling hair as an example), the dev answering at the time went into a lengthy explanation about how the codebase hookup of Champs and models made to work there simply would not work or look right imported to STO (which I can understand on the looks department; they're two different games with vaguely derivative engines).

All this to say...don't hold your breath. Cryptic seems to have "satisfied" their current-term obligation to answer nearly two years of cries for Caitian hair by giving us the options we currently have. To have them revisit that is likely not going to happen any time soon. Hell, KDF officers might get the KDF General overcoat they've begged for since launch before that happens.

Be that as it may, I too would like for some art dev with a little free time to solve this simple request for a M'ress-like hairstyle. Because my own female caitian's head just looks like a fuzzy pineapple with those improvised ponytails and I am not a fan of them.

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