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09-05-2012, 11:13 PM
IMO its a good start. I would still advise to put an acc x3 beam in the rear. You can use it to replace apb with a bo2 and iwishiwasdead with target engine. Or bo1. As an engi you can use nadion inversion (thats the power boost if i remember correctly) and chain 2 bo consecutively, since nadion compensates the bo power drain easily. I use it and like it. I think borg 3 pc will help a lot with your heals too. I would use 3 bfi doffs though (you get an almost 100% chance to proc a heal), instead of 2 evasive doffs you can use deutherium should the need arise. For normal, non pet heavy pvp, use crf rather than csv. I know what you're thinking, with the cannon doffs, but my believe is you'd get more benefits from bfi doff than from cannon ones. You can always have a spare boff to swap when you see lots of pets around or should you need aoe attacks. Unless in a premade, with a dedicated healer, youd use more bfi doffs.

Unfortunately, disruptor is one of the weakest energy weapons IMO right now (and I have plenty as a kling), if it's not hard for you get phasers, lolarons or Tetryon. Of course, acc x3 is best, but acc x2 would also work. Lolarons are great if you are speced in flow capacitors, since that increases the drain. If you go this way, also you could replace the sci consoles with flow ones, to be even worse with drain. Try a turn console instead of theta and see if you like it, especially when fighting bug. Even though theta and cloack would work well together. I know some great escort pilots like cpt h use only eps1, the other eng is aux to id. That's called skill shield. Lol. Not lastly read Husanak's escort thread, I remember somewhere through the pages he mentioned an engi escort:

Well, that's what I would do/try, but what's most important is for you to like it.
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