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Originally Posted by husanakx View Post
Well there are NO beam skills in the commander slot... so you are saying giving up 20% hull and shield at least and another weapons slot is worth having omega 3 ? ok then.
You are balancing the wrong things here: Maneuverability is what costs you the hull and shield hitpoints, not the Tac slots.

One more lt. commander slot.... pointless again... what for 2 copies of target sub 3.... sure I guess but really again is it worth the trade of engi slots and shield and hull... I doubt it.
I'd rather recommend a brute force approach: BO3 or THY3. Although TS3 or (for anti-carrier battles) FAW3 are also fun.

More maneuverability.... sure ya... its really not needed if your plan is to spam a bunch of high arc beam arrays... [...]
Oh, not for tactical offense, obviously. But maneuverability is a great asset for strategic offense and tactical defense. All-cannon-escorts won't catch a beam escort, because they cannot keep it in the DHC arc long enough, and cruisers will not be able to broadside you as often. Switching targets is also much easier for a beam escort.

It is an entirely different playstyle for an escort than your standard forward-facing build, but it works fine. Spike damage is lower, of course, but effective DPS will be as high or higher, depending on tactics.
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