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Originally Posted by tangolight View Post
I tested this, and it seems to be working for me, although it may not work like you expect. What happens is when you set the time of the event, the time is based on PST (which is the time zone Cryptic works in), and then the time you see is adjusted based on your account's timezone settings. For example, I just created a test event and set it for '1 pm' (PST). Since I'm an hour ahead, the event shows up as 2 pm to me. For someone 2 hours ahead, they'd see it as a 3 pm event, and so on.
Before S6 if I wanted to schedule an event for 8pm one evening then I would select the date and time as 8pm. Now after S6 the time selected will revert back to Pacific Time, and will show 12 noon as the starting time. So in order to have my event run at the time I choose I have to add 8hrs to the event time I want, which in this case is 4am the next day. I am in the UK which not surprisingly is 8hrs ahead of Pacific time.

This has been flagged to the Devs since the very start of S6 and they have chosen to ignore it.

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