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09-06-2012, 02:56 AM
photon torpedos with the [borg] multiplier work very well in stfs. Why? highest DPS (firerate) +1000 dmg to borg each time = most damage against unshielded borg targets no matter what distance. (gate, transformer, generators, (tactical) cube at some point)

in my experiance phasers work just fine against borg...i see shields and engines failing from time to time. But it seems that they repair subsystems a lot faster.

knockback weapons are great for borg on ground. pulsewave kind of is the smart choice if you can get into close range. Otherwise sniper rifle with knockback to not let them get close. [borg] modifier is good on ground but is not as crucual as in space, since firerate is kind of low on ground. minigun works better with the modifier, but needs remodulation more often...atleast thats what i experianced in the past, although there was a fix to count only the volleys not the bolts itself before you need to remodulate.

i personally prefer compression pistols AP (very high rate of fire+very high exploit dmg) and splitbeam AP [BORG] weapons when doing ground stfs.

tip: boss room in infected ground, it is easier to toss drones down into the plasma with your fists or a pulsewave, than to actually shoot them down.
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