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09-06-2012, 04:15 AM
I've had that SH*T Happen to me Countless Times New Players come in and play then when they start dieing they Leave Screwing All other players over and I've seen it in certain Missions Especially where they come in then leave as quick as they came in, play thus Screwing everybody else Over to where the Mission is no longer Completable and is pretty Unfortunate cause then everyone else leaves cause they cant finish the mission without a certain amount of players, and it's these Other players who eventually have to leave in the
end and then They get Banned Wrongfully just cause of a few Idiot Players!! But as for you
Submitting Tickets man Don't Bother cause Everybody here Already Knows that PWE doesn't Give a FU*K about their Player base the Only thing they care about is the Money People are Stupid enough to spend on Stupid SH*T that doesn't even work in the first place!