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Originally Posted by kilemorgan View Post
Focus on making sure the consoles trades are fair. Not on gimme gimme. Getting more players to support a FULL Klingon faction. Not this horse pucky they are passing off now. Some of this All for us, none for them, or us against them mentality I read turns me off from wanting to even use my Klingon. (Yes, even more then the poor state of affairs the faction is STILL in)
Yes, there is only the one good argument for not allowing a lock box trade of the plasmonic leech console, and that can be addressed by making it and the maco shield mutually exclusive.

If Cryptic adds the Plasmonic Leech Console to a lock box then people will think that box is less of a ripoff and there will be some who spend 20 or 30 dollars on lock box keys just to get it. It's a cost effective no-brainer as far as the business goes and so it will happen. Still, that doesn't mean we shouldn't get some enjoyment out of watching certain KDF posters wax on philosophic about how the developers have taken everything from the KDF. They won't mention who gave everything to the KDF to begin with of course.