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09-06-2012, 05:08 AM
Originally Posted by weirdtrekie30 View Post
Thanks for the heads up about the proc on the phased Polarized Tetryon not working currently.

I'm going to want a flow capacitor in a console slot as it effects subsystem targeting AND tetyon glider.

The photon mines are an interesting idea - I've not experimented all that much with mines before. Dispersal Beta is the wide net of mines isn't it? - Perhaps not as useful to static targets though.

As for torp high yield vs torp spread - the damage increase with high yield over spread isn't as large as it should be in theory, I must look at combat logs to see the difference, but then again you don't want to draw agro from spheres or cubes by hitting them with a spread not aimed at them, hence why I was thinking having both at my disposal.

Having said that - with the TPDS, I get a "free" torp spread every few minutes.
The only reason I suggested THY-II over TS-II is because you often only want to target a single target in STF runs at a time to kill them quickly. You might even be able to simply forget the mines, load an aft torpedo and then just load TSIII, Sure it might seem like a waste... but that is what I would do! It gives you the option between spaming torpedos like crazy.