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Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post
I wanted to address an issue regarding the special projects (the ones that take fleet marks/doffs etc and last for 30 mins).

As we are hitting the upper tiers now things are going to start getting very expensive, and while the special projects are designed for large fleets to generate fleet credits quickly, I'm not sure the fleet is large enough to continuing using these effectively.

I don't believe there is going to be a shortage of projects that requite fleet marks/dilithium going forward and most of the other requirements like the consumables provide so few credits that its often not worth the hassle, plus they tend to just get in the way when the limited time projects turn up.

So if everybody agrees I think we should stop selecting the special projects. A fleet mail would need to go out to let everybody know but first I want to make sure people agree. If people feel that we are moving through them quickly enough and see the benefit of them then fine but I think they will start to hider us more than help from now on.

Can I have some of your thoughts please?
I've thought this since day one. It hurts having resources go into a special project when slots 1-3 are open or about to open very soon. The special project slot should only be used for the featured project every 2 weeks now.
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