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Originally Posted by jermbot View Post
I think you overdid it in terms of making the ship balanced. It has very low damage and a low shield modifier. I understand you're balancing a science vessel with a cloak and cannons, but this ships alpha strike is going to be to decloak, unload with crf1, then unload its science abilities. Or maybe it'll decloak, unload its science abilities in hopes of getting their shields down and then unloading with a hyt1. Either way its painful lack of weapons and tactical officers will make this a dicey proposition and its low shield multiplier will make it hard for even a science specific ship to get out again.

I think removing subsystem targeting is enough and putting a third weapon on the back would be reasonable. If its using cannons than that'll just be a turret and so a marginal dps increase, if someone wants to fly it as a beam boat, than that'll give it slightly more damage than a fed science vessel to counter act its lower survivability.
*crunches some numbers*
Perhaps you're right.
The idea was to prevent too high burst damage during the decloaking phase.
A turnrate similar to that of a Raptor was supposed to allow the ship to basically pick a shield arc and put its damage where it hurts the most, countering the lack of Senesor Analysis.

Assuming the numbers on STOwiki regarding DPV and DPS are correct the ship might indeed be undergunned.
When I take the gradual increase in damage provided by Sensor Analysis into account the bonus from a decloaking attack might not be enough to offset the 3/2 armament.

Mk XI Dual Cannon is listed at 183 DPV and 244 DPS
Mk XI Turret 95 DPV 126 DPS
MkXI Beam Array at 210 DPV 168 DPS

So a scout with your proposed 3/3 would have 2*244+2*126=740 DPS
With cloak bonus 851 DPS (not couting torps)

And a Science ship would have 4*168=672 DPS
With Sensor Analysis this would increase to 894 DPS (not counting Torps)

An alternative would be to keep the armament at 3/2 and add Sensor Analysis back in,
yielding 2*244+126=614 DPS (817 with SA, not counting Torps)

So possibly leaving the armament at 3/2 (which would also cut down on the power demands) and putting SA back in might be a workable compromise.
This way the scout could have an edge during the decloaking phase and still keep an edge thanks to its maneuverability despite the limited armament.

The increased hull and turnrate was intended to compensate for a shield modifier identical to that of a cruiser.
I had intentionally left out an impulse mod but I guess a Raptor-like 0.2 could increase the defense value so the ship could survive long enough to get in and get out...?

Thanks for the feedback.

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