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There, you're very wrong. Maximum stats dont always means best item. What i mean by this? your fleet shield is better alone than the Maco or Omega alone, but this items dont work like this, the breaking point of this items is that they have passives and actives bonuses achievables by using 2 or 3 pieces. And thats why the MACO set is the BEST for survivality and the Omega the best for Damage.

With the MACO you have the best shield heal (Emergency Shield Capacitor), and with Omega you have a great damage resistance (Distortion Field). All this plus the insta remodulation

And now if you're the last guy living infront an Elite Drone then your team is doing something really really wrong. What class are you? an engi? use Weapons Malfunction so the drone cant shoot from Enemy Neutrlization kit! a sci? use the heals from the Medic kit to be immortal! a tact? use Ambush + secondary fire from a shotgun to blow the drone in pieces from Fire Team/Operative kit!. If you still are the last standing man ALWAYS and ALWAYS go melee, the Elite Drone wont shoot you, it only will punch you with his arm, and there you have A LOT of chances of survivability while you finish him with your gun (by melee i mean stick with the drone, face to face, dont use melee attacks, keep using your guns, the dron wont shoot you!)

With XII Omega/MACO you're NOT immortal, this items are a slightly better than the XI ones, the main difference is the visual
In your opinion only do the STF gear seems best for you. I don' have the LVL XII stuff so I won't know, but I do know that my fleet ground weapons are better than the STF XI stuff, and my shield and body armor keeps me surviving longer then the STF stuff. Its a matter of testing these equipment, not just by saying or following stats stated by the gear. I have been playing STF's long to know what works and what doesn't. STF XI gear no longer works for me, now I have the Fleet suff the keeps me living longer. Thats results, and not gimmics. The only thing slowing me down is a slow modulator. I have not been lucky enough to get the STF lvl XII gear yet, but if I didn't give up on getting them or I would of quit playing STF ground a long time ago.