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09-06-2012, 07:54 AM
In stfs I'd much rather have a few well played tactical officers with me then science officers with the medic kit. Reason? I like to blow through stfs, not heal through them Soloing Armek is a pretty nice feat, but honestly a coordinated team can drop end bosses like that in SECONDS. That's right. And they don't need a medic to do it. They need tactical officers for they're amazing tactical initiative power combined with multiple ambushes. Also engineers can do pretty great damage in stfs as well.

In pvp their is this new weapon called the Compressed Cryo Launcher. Basically it's a pulsewave rifle(shotgun) that deals cold damage instead of energy damage like pretty much everything else. Why is that significant? Armor has ZERO cold resist built in. So sci medics, which tank using their health bar(armor) instead of shield bar like engineers, can get straight up one shotted by a well placed cryo ambush shot from a tactical officer. I actually switched to playing my engineer for a little while after that gun was introduced and i felt a lot safer, even though my tanking abilities aren't quite up to a sci's.