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09-06-2012, 08:44 AM
Camera Distance not saving - Some people have reported that the camera no longer remembers the distance from the ship upon zoning, and that it always starts close up to the ship, even if you had it zoomed far out.
As reported, but with a addition explanatory:
- When you switch from any ground situation back to space situation, i.e. beam up to ship, the camera distance in space has the same (maximum?) distance as the ground view have. Space view, however, has a larger maximum distance, so I always have to zoom out when returned to outside view in space.

A well known bug, not reported yet in this threat:
- When starting a STF or Fleet Action, it happens a lot that one (1) player is booted out. The remaining team members have to decide either abort the mission (private match) and re-queue, or continue with a 'auto supplemented' teammate (pug-player if you will) from the queue pool.

Another bug found in the fleet ground action Incursion:
- Players can find them self stuck into the hallway scenery, after the initial beam-in cut scene. The stuck command isn't working. In this case the unfortunate player has to wait until the second part of the mission has started. After the second cut scene the player is reset on the starting position.
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