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Originally Posted by sirisfox View Post
i actually listed all my consoles which are currently full but will definately look into dropping one or two of them for it and which anti-proton cannons are you using?
If you're going to fly an escort, you should have all of your tactical consoles as Antiproton Mag Regulators. A rare (blue) mk XI Regulator boosts the base damage on your weapon by 26%. If you have 4 of them, that is 104%.

Let say your listed damage is 100. 100 + 26% = 126 (or, a 26 damage increase). 100 + 104% = 204.

Your role as an escort, especially in elite STFs, is to deal as much damage as possible to get the secondary objective.

As for what I use, I used to use Antiproton Dual Heavy Cannons MK XI [critd]x2 [dmg].

I now use Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons MK XI [critd]x3 and MK XII [critd]x3. Same critical severity as the Antiproton DHCs I used to use, but has the phaser proc.

I suggest reading the second post in this thread ( It will give you a better idea on what consoles you should be using. I would just stick with all Mag Regulators, rather than throwing in a torpedo damage boosting console. Also, I'd replace a lot of the Engineering and Science Consoles for more resistance or putting some of your universal consoles.