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09-06-2012, 09:05 AM
I will apologize in advance if I will hurt anyones feeling because (most likely) you fly a Engi Escort yourself,

But here I go;

I never flew this combo, but I know how weapons and the Engi powers work.


EPS Transfer: Useless for a Escort with Cannons, the DPS increase in this scenario is almost negligable. Suppose it could be handy in a few other scenarios.

Nadion Inversion: Almost just as useless.

The only scenario for damage output I could think of these abilities to be 'somewhat' useful is by using Beam Overloads.

But these abilities are far more effective when using a full broadsiding beam escort/cruiser in terms of increasing your DPS, this is simply because of beam arrays have a different way of handling the power drain (Which has far more penalty than if you would use a full cannon/turret build) and also the 125 cap works a tad different here, hence why EPS is viable in such scenarios

So you already have 2 abilities that are only 10, perhaps 20% of their total potential on a cannon scort. For the rest you can tank a bit better with RSF, and miracle worker is quite ok as well.

But all in all, Engi's in an escort is nothing more than saying to your team that they should figure it out yourself and I simply go on the tanking tour and doing ****ty damage. Sure they do nice 'Damage per second', but not much more then a sci, if any.

Where a sci scort still has some viable functions which could actually have some purpose for a team, Subnuke, Superscan, etc. A engi escort simple throws the hat in the ring and being selfish. Sure, im sure you have killed alot of players with an engi scort in your life, pugging around, and im sure its nice when you are solo'ing and pugging all the time.

The reason why an engi in a cruiser is mostly considered a decent thing to do it because by being an engi in a Cruiser you have slightly more Captain Ability heals/resist in reserve where you can dedicate more of your Bridge officer ability heals to external factors (Your teamplayers perhaps?) Unless you are a selfish 2x EptS3/RSPx2 tank i'd say no class is suitable for your cruiser but oh well.

All in all, Tac in a scort is 1000 times more useful for anyone, your team players, and your opponents by killing them 1000 times as fast

Really though, if you dont care about anything, i suppose even a Tactical in a Starcruiser could work :p hahaha