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# 26 Odd you ask for nerfs
09-06-2012, 10:07 AM
I play all 3 careers on my fed (my klinks for now only play one.. they were more useful that way before.. now not).. I find it odd you saw someone solo the boss and that calls for a nerf on their career. Is that because you can not perform the same with your toon's career? Or do you really feal that after all the horror of doing Cure Ground elite (which is a sight less horror than Infected ground elite.. ICK!) it should be prolonged by another half hour or hour of respawns and resets.

It's true a healer can "solo" that boss.. however it's not just "spamming heals" that kills him, the sci to solo has to also cause damage to the boss.. most times the sci is not "soloing" but holding aggro so that the insane boss don't wipe everyone, since the sci is the only one has any hope of surviving multiple attacks with a healer kit, it's a sci's job to put his body in harms way.

I agree with many posters that sci has taken enough nerfs and what they have should be kept if not imporved.. but look at it from the point others have put out.

Would it be ok if they nerfed medic but also nerfed operative, or enemy neutralization?

I think honestly there have been too many "player requested" nerfs, and some player caused ones.

BTW, this Thread is mis-titled.

"Could Sci Kits get a nerf?"

Should be "will you ruin everything in the game for everyone else so I can be coolest?"

Last note: I rarely use healing kit.. and it's the exact situation that you wish them destroyed for that I use them for.. otherwise it's Physicist... which I guess will be the next you'd like nerfed.