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please change House of critz to Blue since we have a Premade and are open to fleet challenges on our KDFs. Thx
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Division Hispana


We are a spanish speakers fleet and we have guys in que ques daily, space and ground. We can speak english without problem so everybody is welcome!. No premade team...yet

Recruiting status: All welcome, check our forum or PM to @cerritouru, @mrkollins.

Mixed Timezone

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-110th Fleet-

Euro timezone mostly.

Plenty of members active in queues pugging, 2 or 3 man. Can put a premade together usualy if an hours notice is given to get members on, if not then can definatly get a team together if a set date was made.

Recruitment policy - not a dedicated PvP fleet, cover all areas of STO, contact any member ingame.

All information now up to date