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Originally Posted by heronfarm View Post
Indeed hurleybird I know an Eng in a 'scort will never hit like a tactical captain, they just aren't optimised for it.
It's not only that, but in a team setting an engscort is less tanky than a sciscort or a tacscort, and makes your entire team easier to kill overall.

This is very counter-intuitive, so let me explain.

In PvP you must realize that nothing exists in isolation -- you need to look at the broader picture. Compared to a tacscort or a sciscort you are going to be at best half as deadly. All those survivability skills only come in handy when the enemy is shooting at you, but are worthless when they are focusing on your team mates. If they can kill a couple of your team mates, then they can kill you quite easily despite your captain abilities.

One thing people new to PvP, or even old PvPers that don't fight in premades have trouble understanding is that survivability is strongly related to doing damage and controlling the initiative of the battle. The more on edge you keep your opponents the less effective they are going to be at coordinating their offensive capabilities, the harder it becomes for them to coherently deal spike damage along with debuffs at the appropriate time and place. The ultimate defensive coup is getting a kill -- until that player returns the enemy is down 1/5 of their capability and is far more focused on survival than getting kills. Sciscorts in particular can be incredibly defensive, because they have an easy time lining up subnukes on other escorts. It might not show the scoreboard, but nuking a player like MT, Blackjack, or hammel when they have their APA and GDF up is worth at least half team's healing capability, and far more than that in initiative -- your team isn't going to be nearly as active offensively when you are desperately trying to save a teammate from a coordinated strike after all.

To put it simply an engscort screws your team comp. There's no way to effectively build around one. Your team either can't do enough damage, or you can't do enough healing and cc, or both. There are captain/ship combinations that are questionable, but engscort is the only combination that is completely irrelevant in PvP.

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