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09-06-2012, 10:51 AM
Originally Posted by ariseabove View Post
Sorry what, no its not it just depends how you build your toon. My fed Sci officer dps is rather crappy but its built for team support not dps however my Klingon Sci officer is more of an all rounder and can do some pretty dam big dps at times, check out the combat report in this screenie.

Do you still think sci officers in space are underpowered with a 51k crit on a boss?
I rarely play STFs as I do not like the inherent grind so I do not know if 51k on the boss is a lot damage or not. But from regular PvE content (and PvP) I can say one: whatever sci can do in space tac and eng can do better. Perhaps Klingon side it looks different, but for me since season 5 sci in space become more and more useless.

As for that statment you have some learning to do.
Anyone have. And perhaps "unplayable" was too much, cause you can play them and be successful. I should say - outside of personal preference of science officer and blue color there is no real reason to play sci officer.