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09-06-2012, 11:27 AM
.... There's no way to effectively build around one. Your team either can't do enough damage, or you can't do enough healing and cc, or both. There are captain/ship combinations that are questionable, but engscort is the only combination that is completely irrelevant in PvP.

But anyway... Let me try to theory Craft a Build:

Power Preset: 25/75/25/75

Fore Weapons:
3x MKXI [ACCx2] [DMG]Quantum Torpedo Launchers
1x MKXII [ACC x3] Phaser Beam Array

Aft Weapons:
1x MKXII [ACC x3] Phaser Beam Array

Lt Com Tac: TT-I | THY-II | BTS-III
Ens Tac: TS-I
Lt Eng: EPS1, EPS2
Lt Sci: JTS-I, HE2

How I would use my Engineering Abilities: EPS, I?d send to another player on my team, Probably another Escort. RSF would help during my Alpha Strike Approach runs. Miracle Worker is like my RSP that I?m missing on this build.

I?d invest skill points into Flow Capacitors and I?d even equip two flow capacitors to help with the shield drain.

Umm? yeah, this build is kind of fail but meh. If it is all I had to work with that is what I?d do.