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Originally Posted by whopurrr View Post
People who say threat control is useless are thick.

Yeah the damage resist isn't all that great.. 3 points in threat control gives you about 4% damage resistance (before diminishing returns).. 6 points gives about 6%.

Every engineer in a cruiser should get 3 points in it.. prolly gives more resist than 4-6 in starship hull plating. Put all your tanking skills to good use for a change.

A good tac can pull aggro from any cruiser w/o threat control even with them using all their attack skills. And then you're just a lousy DPS boat. 3 points should go a long way.

But hey.. who cares about teamwork right? No way cruisers are meant for tanking. That's nonsense. Lets all just captain kirk.
What if your engies' also drive escorts as well as cruisers (which I do)?

The fact is that is more effective in PvE than PvP. Heck, in my cruiser I have pulled agro from some escorts and I am not a dps boat, I am throwing hull and shield heals around like they are candy. I get more from putting those points into ship maneuverability instead.