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09-06-2012, 01:42 PM
Originally Posted by zarathos1978 View Post
I can say one: whatever sci can do in space tac and eng can do better.
Lol no they can't, just because you can't play a Sci officer does not mean they are bad.

Sci Officers have a pacific set of ability's for a reason as do Tacs and Engys, to say that any one of the other classes can do the same as another in there own class but better is ridiculous.

And just as an example which is pretty much common sense is an Engy or especially a Tac can not match a Sci de buffs on enemy's the type that makes those other classes seem like heroes when it was the Sci who lowered the defenses of the attacking enemy to allow such dps.

The best teams on any mission are made up by mixed classes not just all of one or two types.

But if you want to believe a Tac can out heal a Sci who am I to argue....