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Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
It works, unlike a engscort, but I'd still rather have a sci/carrier any day of the week. You're going to be using a lot of deuterium to line up subnukes, but it's still another subnuke.
Which sums up the problem nicely. There is room for ONE eng on any team.
And with A proper eng/healer you get nothing done in PvE or when pugging. No wonder engs take to escort, at least I get something done solo.

Eng need an overhaul. There cpt abilities suck. And since we now have team batteries, so the whole team can have 4x125 energy anyways even eps is useless. While the number of tac or sci on any given team is negotionable. Bringing more then one eng is pointless. We need viable options for all classes to field more then one member of a 5 player team.
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