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-The "Dr. Rick Marshall" engineer escort build for PVP-

by Captain Horizon

first, i would like to say that there really is no place for an engie escort in this game. engies have absolutely no tac buffs or target debuffs that allow it to do meaningful spike damage. this being the escort's primary role in battle...... therefore you just about nullify any potential you may get out of an escort, by piloting it with an engineer captain. i just really like flying escorts, so i always search for some way to use my engie (Dr. Rick Marshall) in an escort that is somewhat team oriented, and is 100% piloted as a tac escort's wingman. (and its still not as effective as sci-scort in that role i don't think... but maybe...)

ship: Armitage (Akira skin if your cool)

spec into torp weapons and defense/agility/powerxfer


1 phaser array ACCx3, 3 Quantum torps ACCx3 fore
1 phaser array ACCx3, 2 Quantum torps ACCx3 rear

borg engine, borg deflector, maco shields

1 nutronium, borg console, (3rd is a toss up..eps if you switch powers a lot, neutronium for defense ect ect....)
2 shield cap++
4 quantum torp ++

nothing in the hangar, because escorts don't use pets.


doffs: 2 purple projectile, 3 BFI shield distro hax


run high shields and aux rotate tac teams and omegas on yourself, along with 2 copies of EPTS keeps you pretty solid. and if not, you have RSF and EF and MW to save you, along with your BFI doff hax.

that leaves ES, HE1, TSS2, APD for your buddy. but that is also the big minus to this thought pattern...1 hull heal. you'd like to have an aux2sif in there, but you'd have to give up EPTS2 for that.... which is an easy enough switch...especially if you are good at switching power level focuses.

you keep him alive, and rain omega buffed quantum spreads at everything he points at. along with a sci/sci that is heal heavy and timely with the nuke.....things can happen....

anywho.....its still not an engineer cruiser. i'd say thats the engineer's home. but i totally get trying to max damage as an engineer. ships are so tanky anyways....might as well do something different.

edit: i also carry boffs that have target engines 1,2 in there....hence the beam arrays....also, i like just nabbing a random phaser could easily do without...or use turrets to keep a ping...

have fun kill bad guys

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