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09-06-2012, 05:22 PM
No offence intended but I'd rather not have non-Ferasan's join the fleet simply to contribute to the fleet's Shadowcat Lair, this takes the opportunity to contribute away from actual Ferasan fleet members.

As for the matter at hand, I'm personally not seeing a problem as the fleet is intended to be a casual fleet, we shouldn't feel the need to rush anything. I feel there's no need to stop special projects all together, they're there as an option for those who want to contribute.

If someone feel the need to send out fleet mail on this topic, I would suggest sending out Shadowmail simply to provide information on the mechanics of the project system, the pros and cons of contributing to one project over another. It should be down to the individual Shadowcat member to decide which project they wish to contribute to out of the options the Shadowcat Elite and Shadowcat Master's provide.

Shadowmail with information on this topic that also explains the best ways to gather resources to contribute would be far more useful for the fleet, than simply preventing fleet members from contributing to special projects.