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I'm still kicking, Alan. I just haven't been around much lately because I don't like the direction PWE has taken this game. Everything is such a grind now and all of the koolest stuff is stuffed away in "you might get this if you're lucky" boxes. I still don't get why they used a different F2P model than CO, because CO is still fun and never feels grindy.

And btw, since I had to create a PWE account to even post on the forums I can no longer edit any of my previous posts. So, I'm thinking about recreating this guide as my own fan site. I'll let you know.

I can't say anything about that but it would be a shame if you would stop working on uniforms.

Btw. i would like to get some advice from you, if you don't mind.
I know there are some who oppose the 2009 Trek movie but i just love the U.S.S. Kelvins uniforms. Which in game uniform would you use if you would make a mock up of it for STO?
I have been toying around with the AGT uniform but it's cumberbound looks just awful.

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