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Originally Posted by elandarksky View Post
But taking the suggestion that an oberth and having it a as a powered up danube is bonkers :|.
For a start, the Oberths are science/research ships, having them shoved in a carrier is so many kinds of wrong. As for a 'pimped up' danube,... they are already strong enough! they had to be nerfed and have the entire game's phaser proc nerfed BECAUSE they were op to being with

In all honestly i dont even know why the Vo'quv has Bops as a pet, it just seems absurd, but having defiants or any other kind of escort, or any kind of big vessel on a federation carrier just doesnt sit right with me.

I don't think you understood what I was saying. I'm talking having two big pets per hanger instead of 4 or 6 little things. It does seem a little absurd to have big pets but the KDF has had them for a while and they could just as easily be "holographic projections" or "support vehicles".

I doubt the phaser proc got nerfed just because of runabouts, they may have got blamed but it's BS if they did (I wasn't even aware it had been nerfed). All Fed hanger pets with one exception use phasers and some of those pets are much more likely to proc then runabouts.

I'm firmly of the opinion the most powerful pet in the game is the one throwing around tricobolt mines and HY II tricobolt torpedoes and acetone beams, not the little bitty runabouts.