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Originally Posted by rumgorum View Post
Not seeing this issue. I didn't intervene and the FEDs fought for about 3 minutes. Not 30 seconds.

Seems fine to me. I fly an escort that wrecks everything in PVE in that 30 second time frame.
you wouldn't wreck that entire fleet in 30 seconds.

not exaggerating it was 30 maybe a hair longer seconds and entire fleet was wiped with almost zero losses on the fed side, and note...that was just an example. play kdf fleet alert until you get the feds to show up and then go get cozy with a typhoon.

36 to 39 kinetic resist on the different ships i've run through there and 2k to 3k (not counting crits) from repulsors per pulse.

same thing with negh'vars and isometric charge. they put those abilities all on one ship type ignoring the fact that spawns will produce copies. so what would be fairly, possibly survivable becomes not so much when there's 2, 3, or 4 or more hitting you at the same time.

which is what killed the romulan fleet, every typoon decided to use repulsors at nearly the same<>pong>boom

spawn tables should have included a ship without the buff to skills/consoles. and specifically, iso charge is supposedly rare enough it can only be bought in the z-store. yet it's on every negh'var? if it's standard issue why don't players get them? not to mention typhoon is labeled as a battleship but has the repulsor strength of a sci ship. not that the devs bother much with logic but..eeesh.