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09-06-2012, 09:52 PM
Somewhere along the way whoever designed the Klingon UI forgot the fact that the players playing Klingons, aren't actually Klingons and what may look ok to a Klingon can be really painful for some of us poor dumb humans.
Whether the red is canon or not is debatable, yes there is more red than blue in Klingon displays in the movies and TV series, but red isn't the only color displayed. They don't walk around their ships in the dark and true they don't paint the walls bright colors, but they usually do have them well lit, in fact most times harshly lit, so STOs dim rooms and corridors and a UI that makes you squint are a bit off.
The Klingons in this game were not given an interface that is uniquely theirs, their interface is a Federation knockoff with red switched for the original blue. There are none of the triangle/honeycomb elements in Klingon displays that are seen in Movies and TV, but then the only time a Fed player sees a semblance of a LCARS interface is only during loading screens so both sides got shafted where UIs are concerned.
The frames and borders of either side Fed or Klink red or blue is so much useless scenery, if we could get that dimmed down to subtle browns or dim blues it would save a ton of eyestrain, better yet, we don't need to be looking at fluorescent blues and neon reds for elements that don't do anything, let us turn them off leaving only the buttons and icons we need to see.