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09-06-2012, 10:16 PM
when are we going get the same attention as the feds, currently it goes

new fed ship new fed uniform new fed shuttle new ship uniform ship ship.

and what do the kdf get.... nothing.

how about at least trying to even things out

(fed ship kdf ship fed uniform kdf unform.)

i got money to spend and points yet where is the stuff to buy????

ps. i tried to get a freind to play sto and he gave up becuase he couldnt play kdf he had to lvl up a fed first he isnt a trek fan but plays lots of game and quit sto after he found out that he couldnt play with his firend in game til he lvled up.

maybe its time to let kdf be selected from new account even if the kdf doesnt start at lvl 1.

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